Husqvarna Automower evaluation part 7 – I Messed Up

We’re getting close to the end of our Husqvarna Automower evaluation series. Here’s the latest update from the last two weeks.

Secondary Area

The Secondary area operating mode is utilized when you have an extra part of yard that cannot be reached from the primary one. Selecting the Secondary area menu offers three options., from the manual…

Mowing up until empty battery – This choice is appropriate for a big secondary area needing more than 90 minutes to mow.
Mow 90 minutes – This choice is appropriate to prevent unnecessary mowing as well as trampled grass in a small/medium sized secondary area.
Mow 30 minutes – This choice is appropriate to prevent unnecessary mowing as well as trampled grass in a little sized secondary area.

If the lawnmower charges in Secondary area mode, it will completely charge, drive out about 50 cm as well as then stop to let you understand that it is charged as well as prepared to start. приятное прикосновение.

Две половинки

The Automated house front garden is in two halves as well as we had thought about utilizing this Secondary area feature. The huge side has a 3 meter wide corridor that leads to the rear garden. however from there, there’s only a narrow strip (just 60 cms wide at the narrowest point) that continues back round to the smaller front side.

Our original installation only covered the huge front yard plus the rear garden, not the narrow front portion. But our wonderful Husqvarna dealership paid us a return see a while back as well as worked their magic. now the Automower can reach all three areas as well as even though this is quite much outside its style parameters we’re delighted that to report its all working well. That brings our overall area up from 2,700 square metres to around 3,000.

Spot Cutting

It took one more intensive period of cutting to get the narrow side of the front yard down to the needed height. after that was total I started to back the machine off on the timer again, our dealership advised moving away from the 24/7 regime as well as trying to lessen the tons on the machine.

I reduced the timer a number of times over the last few weeks, ultimately getting down to 14 hours a day. This was just not sufficient time though as a combination of the new area as well as the intense growth of the warm wet weather condition meant the grass seemed to ended up being unmanageable almost over night. totally my fault.

So we’ve seen a great deal of ‘Spot Cutting’ lately,  as well as previously each time we reduced the cutting time for the mower or the cutting height. Spot cutting is a program that puts the machine into a spiral immediately when it detects longer grass. You can likewise kick this off manually as well as it’s useful for things like cutting an are where there’s garden furniture. You can lift the table as well as chairs as well as let the mower go to work. It will immediately go back to its regular operating mode when finished.

Dark Silence

A few of you have asked exactly how peaceful the mower is as well as if it can cut in the dark. These are definitely two of the things we still discover most amazing about the Automower. It’s truly peaceful (57 dB), as well as it cuts in the pitch black dead of night just the exact same as if it was daylight – inspect out the end of the video below.

So here’s the seventh part of our video review (please like, share as well as subscribe).

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